Silk Painting

Whilst searching for new,  satisfying ways to produce cards I was persuaded to try silk painting.  The attraction of the brilliant colours and their movement on the silk had me immediately hooked.  Using this medium I could also reproduce adaptations of some of the wonderful designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh as well as produce my own unique silk painted cards.

I attended classes and purchased lots of helpful books on the subject.

Learning to work with steam fix dyes opened up many new opportunities especially making silk accessories to wear. The colours are so vibrant and immediate. Combinations of simple techniques give hours of pleasure and endless effects.

Silk painting is suitable for the non artistic as well as those with painting experience.

The  results  are all ‘one of a kind’ and excitingly different.

Workshops in batik introduced me to new exciting possibilities when working on silk. Using wax as a resist opens up new  themes to explore.

I enjoy the ‘looseness’ of style which I can now achieve, as well as the dynamic interaction of colours.
It is the excitement of uncovering the ‘final result’ – once the wax is removed – which holds such a vital fascination for me.

Workshops on painting on silk velvet have been inspirational and I hope to  concentrate some more time to exploring its possibilities.

Silk fusion has also attracted my attention as it not only provides the opportunity to make beautiful silk papers but also to enables me to make three dementional bowls and items.  Silk fibres come in many forms and are easily dyed or coloured. Additions of other simple materials helps to produce unique effects.

Silk painting is a relaxing therapy. Often when I am giving ‘taster’ sessions people remark how much they have enjoyed the activity.  I always try to coax the adults who claim ‘not to have an artistic bone in their body’ to have a go and produce a beautiful card or picture using only a few silk paints and some household salt.  So satisfying to be able to make something by yourself.

Children are very enthusiastic about silk painting and with a little help in using some of the materials they can create wonderful pictures, cards and bookmarks.