Silk Painting Tuition

I am a member of The Guild of Silk Painters and founder member of The Scottish Branch of The Guild of Silk Painters.

Silk Painting is also a social activity and it is good to meet others and share skills.
There are numerous helpful books on the subject and some DVDs if joining a silk painting group is not possible.

I love to see people of all ages try silk painting and be amazed at its properties. Silk painting can be as easy as filling in colours or as complex and technical as you wish.

As a hobby it is not very expensive as there are useful contacts who can provide silks and materials at reasonable costs.

The internet also provides lots of free tuition and demonstrations on how to paint on silk.

I started out using silk paints on silk. These bright colours are easy to use and can be mixed,  thinned with water or thickened with wallpaper paste.   The colours are ‘fixed’ by the heat of ironing for a few minutes, or the heat of a hairdryer.

Gutta is used to form ‘fences’ and prevent colours spreading randomly across the silk.
Coloured and metallic guttas also form part of the design on the silk and can, if desired,  be added as a decorative effect.

I also use steam fix dyes for my paintings and designs as I like the vivid colours obtained. The dyes combine with the fibres and so the feel and drape of real silk is retained.

Some techniques can be used in a microwave (non food) and take a few minutes. Other techniques require steaming the dyed silk for a couple of hours or using a pressure cooker over a shorter period of time.

I occasionally offer Silk Painting Workshops for Beginners.

Details to follow.

If I can be of help please contact me.