Paintings & Prints

Watercolour is a wonderful medium for painting.  The flow and the translucency of the colours  is its main attraction.  I like the spontaneity of wet on wet techniques and the blending of colours and use that to capture the atmosphere of my paintings whether landscapes or flower studies.

I usually like to work from photographs and love reproducing scenes from the West Coast of Scotland and the Islands which we have visited over many years.

Flowers are a great interest to me and occasionally I paint animals.

My paintings are often realistic and detailed, depending on the subject matter, but occasionally I combine paints,inks and materials to create mixed media results, more abstract in style.

Acrylic Paints are much more easy to work with because you really cannot make mistakes. Work can be repainted to correct errors.  Different techniques can produce paintings resembling watercolours  or the thick impasto textured work when a palette knife is used.   This medium is fun to use and dries quickly.

The prints are of my own paintings and I reproduce most of them using good quality watercolour photo printing paper.  I use mounts of a standard size so that framing is easier as it can be bought ready made.
Smaller sized prints are layered and mounted to produce cards.

I welcome enquiries and commissions so please don’t hesitate to contact me.