Welcome to my website. I do hope you find your visit an enjoyable experience.

I have always had an interest in art and crafts for as long as I can remember.
Throughout my teaching career I  used art and craft work to help children better develop their understanding  and learning in all subjects.  Teaching  children drawing skills was an essential tool to enable them  express themselves. I promoted the recycling of ‘junk’ materials before it became topical  and always meant to  write a book (or series of books) -100 things to make with a kitchen roll tube… paper plate… cornflake box!

Once retired,  I pursued my interest in watercolour painting. I completed accredited courses in watercolour and acrylic at Strathclyde University’s Lifelong Art Classes.
I also took several courses in cardmaking which added to my skills and enjoyment.

Having a creative interest is such a rewarding and satisfying experience.

There are so many courses available now that people can learn new hobbies  and discover skills they did not think they had.

Now I find myself in the fortunate position of not having enough to time to go to work!